In addition to providing high quality work to our customers, can also provide personal, one-on-one training for a wide range of computer, graphic design and desktop publishing software. If you have interest in learning a new computer package, or would like to upgrade your existing skills, we can instruct you at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or office. Our strengths include:

  • an ability to talk to student(s) so that they are able to grasp information in a fun and relaxed atmosphere; encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities to enforce a proper work ethic
  • able to structure a class curriculum and prepare presentations, assignments and examinations based on course material
  • assess each person’s abilities and determine their skill sets to set a pace that is achievable and comfortable for their individual skill level; will give special attention to those who are struggling, such as those for whom English is a second language
  • offer personalized instruction to enable student(s) to learn quickly, in the aim of making them job-ready in as fast a time as possible
  • can provide a wealth of experience in all areas of design, based on past instruction and on work experiences in the past