Writing / journalism

In addition to offering a wide variety of design services, put words to the page or on screen for your advertising, Web or journalism requirements. In a past life, we wrote well over 100 articles covering a wide range of human interest, entertainment and current news events for a variety of local periodicals and Web sites. In addition, we are also relied upon to provide text for our advertising, promotional or Web projects that need to be clever, witty and effective.

Some of our writing/journalism skills include:

  • able to establish a comfortable atmosphere so that interviewees feel relaxed and confident in talking about personal, difficult or emotional subjects; conscious of the sensitivity of some subject matter and respectful of people’s privacy and anonymity if required
  • able to distill conversations or gathered information to the most relevant form to create interesting, informative and entertaining articles; able to redirect or expand assignments to produce a more current or thought-provoking story; always meet deadlines in a timely fashion
  • eager to accept new assignments to learn more about the community and to educate the public at large
  • always open to constructive criticism in the ultimate goal of creating the best possible article
  • writing style has been described as informal, personable, intimate and occasionally irreverent
  • quick thinking and persistent; have the ability to recognize alternate sources or directions if one path is not working out